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          Chat support suite

          Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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          Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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          FAQ BUILDER

          Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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          Salon Services

          Chat service for Hair, Nail and Tanning Salons

          See What LiveHelpNow help desk tools can do for you

          From personal care to personal trainers, the salon and service industry is all about customer service. You can offer your clients luxe, high-touch support with salon client support software from LiveHelpNow. Boost your client care, scheduling, and happiness quotient with our affordable, Cloud-based platform.

          Don't wait!

          When personal service is your business, Web-based salon software from LiveHelpNow is your best friend

          The personal care industry is dynamic and aimed at consumers interested in salon services that help them look and feel right. Because experience is such an important part of the unique care your salon has to offer, it is critical that your clients, and potential leads, feel they are welcome from the moment they click on your website or walk in your front door. How can we help? With always-on spa appointment software that delivers live Chat, easy profile building and analytics, customized feedback surveys and so much more. Show your client you are invested in their satisfaction while improving your financial bottom line.

          Need to outsource your live chat support? No problem!

          HelpSquad offers trained live chat agents for your business.
          LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad to offer 24/7 US Based chat service to field sales and support inquiries on your website

          Get HelpSquad chat service

          See how your salon can save time and increase profits with LiveHelpNow

          Engage your clients and prospective customers with live Chat

          With LiveHelpNow, your client has the option of connecting with your salon through online Chat, SMS-text message, or email ticket. Your staff or Chat agent can handle multiple queries through an integrated, organized dashboard that tracks the status of all contacts made through your website. No more lost email or phone messages, or using your staff to work your phones one call at a time. LiveHelpNow is an affordable, integrated solution that reduces your labor costs for customer support. Plus, it works with your existing CRM or Google Analytics account.

          During each Chat, your agents collect and categorize background, social and preferences information — making every contact with your salon more personal and creating opportunity to offer the other services and products that your customers want to buy. Use aggregate information collected through LiveHelpNow to tweak your marketing strategies and attract even more clients.

          High quality personal service is a natural part of any great salon experience

          Here are more ways LiveHelpNow boosts the bottom line of your salon:

          ? Customize LiveHelpNow so that your Chat agent is ready to welcome new website visitors, ask about their interests, and guide them toward scheduling an appointment or buying your products.

          ? Help your Chat agents by creating a knowledge base of articles that answer commonly asked questions about your salon services. Publish these knowledge articles on your website, too, and let visitors help themselves to information about your salon and what makes your service stand out.

          ? No need to crunch numbers or get outside analysts to read your data and tell you what you could change to attract more clients. LiveHelpNow puts analytics at your fingertips to let you know about your service and your stats.

          ? Gone home by the time your client calls? Always-on call management means clients who called late can initiate a ticket or leave a callback request and know they will get the information they need when your staff is back in the salon.

          Keeping you open 24/7/365

          When your salon is closed, customers can’t access your list of services, nor can they schedule appointments with your staff. LiveHelpNow’s web-based toolset offers your salon a unique way for customers to get this information or schedule appointments. LiveHelpNow’s state of the art e-mail ticketing system is just one tool that can be used for scheduling appointments. Knowledgebase allows customers to search through your site and find important information about services that your salon offers.

          Chat with your customers live

          Every salon has experienced the customer who tried to do their hair on their own. With livechat, customers can get help from a live representative of your salon anytime, day or night. This level of customer service will pay off in the long run by creating long-term customers who continually return to your salon to do business. Another benefit of livechat now is that every bit of information goes directly from livechat to the knowledgebase.

          Don’t wait to increase the value of your customer service and reduce your salon operating costs

          When your business is personal, excellent client care is expected. Add interactivity to your website and never miss another call—or opportunity to sell your salon services. Try LiveHelpNow free for 30-days to find out how we can you help you more efficiently serve your clients and boost your business profits.

          Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.

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